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305|Vigil Nox by AWitchByAnyOtherName 305|Vigil Nox by AWitchByAnyOtherName


:new:Added Barbary and Fumo Decidens
ID: 306
Name: Vigil Nox "Night Watcher"
Barn Name/Nickname: Vigil, Bitey Fucker, You Little Twat
Sex: Stallion
Breed/type: Desert
Age: 7 years
Height: 16hh
Discipline: Chariot racing
Genotype: Barbary 
Black Okapi Dun Calva IHM Oryx (Ee|aa|nOk|nCal|nInv|OrOr)

+2, no white
+1 Calva
+1 Oryx
+2, Okapi Dun
+3 IHM
+2 spined horns
+6, extra horns (x3)
+10, Fumo Decidens
+8 Barbary


He is a twat, through and through. He kicks, bites and is entirely willing to barge anyone who annoys him with his chest horns. He despises foals and is often unnecessarily nasty to them, making a show of scaring them off. He is usually kept in isolation from other Ballators, stallions especially because he will start a fight. He tends to take things too far and doesn't know when to stop, starting fights with anyone over stupid things - food, space, wanting to go in the paddock, not wanting to leave the stable... Anything really. His trainers are running out of patience, but still hope that he'll grow out of some of the ferocity. They had hoped that breeding him would cull his fire, but it didn't work.
He is being trained as a chariot racer, hopefully putting his restless energy and anger into something useful. Currently a harness is being custom-made for him, so that he can pull safely without either the harness or his chest horns being damaged.
He was born to a foal-loving mare and a charming stallion, so it is not known where his temperament came from - however, it is shared by one of his siblings. The two have never met. He was sold several times after weaning, one owner after the next wanting to train up a feisty Desert colt and being unable to handle him. At last he was purchased by his current home, who are determined that they can fix him up into something usable. Not if he has anything to say about it.

He always starts at the right of his feedbowl and eats his way over to the left. When bored, he'll rub his horns against things - the fence of a paddock, the edging of his stall, whatever he can find. In boredom he's destructive - sort of like an overgrown puppy.


                 ------------------------------------------ SSS: E-125 Terra diaboli
                 ----------------- SS: B-1118 Consilium Malleus Cudendum
                 ------------------------------------------ SSD: F-309 Alexandra
          ----{Sire: B-1152 Nox Vallis
         |       ------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
         |       ----------------- SD: V-010 Noctifera
         |       ------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
         |      ------------------------------------------ DSS: Ego Vivere Facium Vos
         |      ----------------- DS: B-1099 Noctivaga
         |      ------------------------------------------ DSD: ST-069 Bestia
          ----{Dam: B-1260 Adamare Matris
                 ------------------------------------------ DDS: F-366 Is Quisnam Tripudio Pro Duos
                 ----------------- DD:  B-870 Aqua Lilium
                 ------------------------------------------ DDD: F-470 Clamabunt Banshees

DSSS: IHS Spiritus Inferi
DSSD: Mystery Mare

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal
1 OrangeCone14|Unused
2 wardhighlands|Used|B-485 - Nulla Risus|B-1413 For Me
3 Fillyfalls |Unknown|
4 TheGreatCollector |Used| GH-006 | Carmina de Lumine | Foal
5 AresiaWolf |Unused|682 | IHS Sekhmet | Foal
6 Mine|Used|#557 Rum Spatium|1028 for me
7 Mine|Unused||Foal
8 MissTwitchy||Foal
11 (From Regale)
12 (From Regale)
13 (From Regale)
14 (From Regale)
15 (From Regale)
16 (From Regale)
17 (From Regale)
18 (From Regale)
19 (From Regale)
20 (From Regale)
(10 slots for Forest/Desert; 15 slots for Mountain/African/Plains)

Gaits: 47.5
Dressage: 37.5
Jumping: 44
Intelligence: 75.5
Stamina: 50.5
Speed: 78.5
Strength: 50.5
Experience: 4 
(Total: 388)
Rank: Expert
Stats from parents: 63

B-1311 BLS Vigil Nox (+3 stats)
Skull buddies (+8 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 1|Meeting (+9 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 1|Home(+7 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 1|Greenhorn (+9 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 2|Show Me Your Teeth(+12 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 2|Good Genes(+7 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 2|Instinct (+12 stats)
The Hunt(+10 stats)
Historic Carnival (305 Vigil Nox|Level 2|Playdate) (+14 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 2|Over my Dead Body(+7 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 2|Folklore or Fantasy (+10 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 3|Searching for a Shadow pt.2 (+12 stats)
This ref: +5 stats
305 Vigil Nox|Level 3|Bear Your Soul(+10 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 3|Winning Streak(+8 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 3|Over the River (+11 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 3|Amorous(+1 stat)
RHS Kick Off Equus Ballator Hunting Show RESULTS (2nd place, +4 stats)
BLS Boys (+15 stats)
What's this? (+14 stats)
Jump! (+5 stats)
Whoa! (+7 stats)
Escape Artist (+14 stats)
Bounces (+7 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 4|Elite (+7 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 4|The Final Act Part 1 (+12 stats)
305 Vigil Nox|Level 4|The Final Act Part 2 (+7 stats)
Vigil Nox - stat sheet (+8 stats)
A foggy day (+5 stats)
Little journey... (+5 stats)
Really hot beach! (+5 stats)
I'm really elegant (+5 stats)
Great day, isn't it (+5 stats)

Regale's Questing journal: 
305 Vigil Nox|Regale's Quests Log
Completion of Level 1:
+8 Stats
+1 Slot
Completion of Level 2:
+12 stats
+2 slots
+1 set of small, straight horns (forehead)
Completion of Level 3:
+5 Stats
+2 Slots
Completion of Level 4:
+20 stats
+5 slots
+Fumo Decidens

+Barbary Mane mutation from Highlord Aether

RHS Kick Off Equus Ballator Hunting Show RESULTS - 2nd place

Other related stuff:
HARPG 100 Theme Challenge - Vigil Nox (5/100)

Accepted Foal/import
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MissTwitchy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
just letting you know this girl's finally been named and is all set for breeding ovo
your slot is available to use and i'll be using her with vigil hehe
1043 | INV Belladonna by MissTwitchy
AWitchByAnyOtherName Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! Haha, I'm gonna do the same so they'll be full siblings :D
MissTwitchy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016
awhhh that'll be so sweet c8
i can't wait to see them !
AWitchByAnyOtherName Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Same <3
OctaviaAngel Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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